Claim Di at Thailand creative & Design center (TCDC)

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99 percent of all enterprises are small and medium enterprises. And medium enterprises or SMEs have a key role in this system. Economy and employment in the country is huge. But even if it is backed Continued government But operators still face this problem. And the many obstacles Side to produce the attractiveness of the market and is looking to Thailand if the SMEs get a better understanding about the correct design. It is likely that they will bring new knowledge. To solve this problem comprehensively. Also recognizes the importance of SMEs to the economy and to Thailand. Creative & Design Center (TCDC), aims to bring expertise in business development. The design strategy To help develop the capacity of SMEs to Thailand under the project. ‘Change and Grow Rich’ (CHANGE SMEs) with the goal of which is armed to the intellectual. Guidance on business issues Featured designers include the right to SMEs, too.

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